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This Xray shows how during a fall a car key penetrated the eyelid

This Xray shows how during a fall a car key penetrated the eyelid


This X-ray shows how, during a fall, a car key penetrated the eyelid of 17-month-old Nicholas Holderman of Kentucky, reaching his brain.

A toddler has baffled medical experts by making a miraculous recovery after a key became lodged in his brain. Nicholas_Holderman_xray

This X-ray shows how, during a fall, a car key penetrated the eyelid of 17-month-old Nicholas Holderman of Kentucky, reaching his brain.

The 20-month-old US toddler has since made a full recovery

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Wu Moude, 22, landed on a steel bar which penetrated 15cm into his head from beneath his chin. It took five hours of surgery to remove the bar, ...

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Somehow he managed to fall on to his parents' car keys, one of which pierced his eyelid and penetrated deep into his brain as these X-ray scans reveal.

A Chinese teenager slipped and stabbed himself in the face with a 7cm knife while peeling an apple. Ren Hanzhi's father recalled: "He was walking to the ...

Sample bitewing x-ray series. Video Dental Concepts provides the x-ray generators, intraoral dental sensors, and digital imaging software for dentists to ...

A 13-year-old slipped on an icy school floor in China. Xiao Lin fell forward onto a hook which embedded in his eye. A school handyman sawed the hook off the ...

This X-ray shows how, during a fall, a car key penetrated the eyelid of 17-month-old Nicholas Holderman of Kentucky, reaching his brain.

This incident was not an accident, it was intentional. The late Ryan Dunn of the television show Jackass intentionally inserted a Matchbox car into his ...

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... a 12-foot Burmese python in Ketchum, Idaho, that swallowed an entire electric blanket with the electrical cord and control box. The X-ray here shows the ...

52-year-old Dutchwoman Margaret Daalman came to hospital complaining of stomach ache, and one glance at her X-ray shows why.Surgeons in Rotterdam in the ...

X-ray images show how a teenage boy cheated death when a 5-inch knife was plunged into his head. The 16-year-old and two other young men were injured when ...

Figure 6.

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This 2.5lb and 17 cm in diameter kidney stone was removed from a patient in Hungary, world's largest.

Eyelid Dermatitis (xeroderma of the eyelids, eczema of the eyelids, atopic dermatitis, allergic contact dermatitis, irritant contact dermatitis, ...

A and B, Localization and removal of an upper eyelid foreign body in a 10

Figure 5.

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In this x-ray you can clearly see a set of car keys that penetrated the eyelid of a 17-month-old baby, Nicholas Holderman from Kentucky. You c… | WHAT?

22 X-Rays That are OMG WTF

Case Report: Dural arteriovenous fistula arising after intracranial surgery in posterior fossa of nondominant sinus: Two cases and literature review

This X-ray was taken of a 60-year-old man who checked himself into Nishtar Hospital in Multan, Pakistan. He sought treatment because he claimed thieves had ...

Figure 4: A) Coronal tomography showing frontal bone reconstruction; B) Sagittal tomography showing frontal bone reconstruction; C) 3D tomography ...

Eye Injuries in Cats - Symptoms, Causes, Diagnosis, Treatment, Recovery, Management, Cost

Lateral skull radiograph showing the ball-point pen tip which has penetrated the orbital roof

Case Report: Anterior release and anterior reconstruction for a neglected osteoporotic odontoid fracture

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Case 6. Immediate postoperative CT image revealing the position of the electrode and the presence of intracranial air with no visible sign of hemorrhage.

Figure 7.

Her photo of a hotel key in Reims appeared on the cover of Prime Number 13. There's more about her at http://www.nashpanache.com/ .

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The 5-centimeter nail shown in this X-ray was found after a man came to a Seoul, South Korea, hospital complaining of a severe headache.

Ankle Sprains

5 Signs of Epilepsy in Older Adults

Basal cell carcinoma of the right lower lid.

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Case Report: Giant lumbar dumbbell extradural schwannoma in a child

Rectal foreign bodies | Radiology Reference Article | Radiopaedia.org

The blue arrow denotes a severely deformed right eye with hyper-dense signals within the globe (vitreous hemorrhage and blood clot).

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Ultrasound image of the left eye in transverse plane. Note the hyperechoic, heterogenous structure adjacent to the orbit.

Ethmoid Sinusitis With Subperiosteal Abscess

Figure 7.3 Serial MR imaging of two episodes in a patient with the m.3243A>G mutation. A–C, the first episode; D–F, the second. Note that the hyperintense ...

The films show tortuous and anomalous middle cerebral artery vessels. In addition, there was marked tortuosity of the superior aspect of ...

Case Report: Mature cystic teratoma of dorsal spinal cord in adult: An unusual lesion

Eye Injuries in Cats

Localization and removal of a small piece of glass in a 24-year old man

Case Report: A Case of Adams–Oliver Syndrome

This Weimaraner was hit by a car and sustained multiple fractures of the tarsal joint (

The 20-month-old US tot has amazed doctors by making a full recovery

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Ocular Trauma in Dogs

Plain film X-Ray of IOFB

Atopic dermatitis of eyelids. Chronic lichenified plaques with eyelid thickening and hair loss. Photographs are courtesy of Dr Alfons Krol, Dr Eric Simpson ...

You Won't Believe Where Her Vibrator Got Stuck (Seriously, You Won't) | Unbelieveable X-Rays

Doctors in Pakistan removed a whole lightbulb from this prisoner's anus. The man said he awoke with the problem, but doctors weren't so sure.

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Teaching Image: Ulcerated calcinosis cutis

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Compression Fracture of a Lumbar Vertebra

This X-ray reveals a cell phone lodged in a Salvadoran prisoner's lower intestine. The man is one of four prisoners who are members of the Mara Salvatrucha ...

We laid in a large supply of boat hooks, for we reasoned, conservatively enough, that not all the mountain sheep we purposed shooting would fall upon the ...

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Figure 1.

Case Report: Unusual cause of chest trauma: Case report of wild boar attack

Case Report: Multifocal skeletal tuberculosis mimicking multiple myeloma and secondary bone metastasis: An unusual case scenario

Case Report: Pituitary apoplexy producing internal carotid and basilar artery compression: A rare case report

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(a) Axial section of the facial CT shows a hypodense appearance consistent with air

Preseptal and Orbital Cellulitis - Eye Disorders - MSD Manual Professional Edition

8-year-old Haley Lents of Indiana swallowed 10 magnets and 20 steel balls from a Magnetix toy set. The magnets and balls attracted one another within her ...

Traumatic brain injury (TBI), a form of acquired brain injury, occurs when a sudden trauma causes damage to the brain. TBI can result when the head suddenly ...

Arrows showing calcified regions and lesions in lungs

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Unauthorized use of this program or any portion of it, may result in severe civil and criminal penalties and will be prosecuted to the maximum extent ...

Case Report: A giant tumefactive perivascular space: A rare cause of obstructive hydrocephalus and monoparesis

... in Photos; The Baby With a Swollen Eyelid; Falls ...

Figure 2

Clinician's Brief

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2A: X-ray of the orbit AP view showing fracture of the anterior and

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