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Ruth Kniep Group G Clubmobiler 33 months of duty 27 of wich

Ruth Kniep Group G Clubmobiler 33 months of duty 27 of wich


Ruth Kniep, Group G Clubmobiler. 33 months of duty, 27 of wich were

Phyllis Boyes, Group G Clubmobiler

Harry Ratliff was the supervisor of Group A. This pic is taken from a clipping of "The Monitor", 1943, when he arrived in England as an A.R.C. Club Director

Catherine Mackay, Group B Clubmobiler

Group L Clubmobiler. She was Patton's niece.

Fanniebelle "Junie" McVey Allen , 1910 - 1990. Group F Clubmobiler, Captain

Group L. Captain of Clubmobile

Harriet Johnson Group L.

Dorothy "Mike" Myrick Randall, Group C Clubmobiler assigned to Clubmobile "SOUTHERN BELLE

Leslie Hart Fenn Tapscott. Group A Clubmobiler. Clubmobile "PRESIDENT LINCOLN"

Jean Hatcher Foot 1915-2009.Jean joined the American Red Cross in 1942 and

Group G Clubmobiler, In England she worked in the Green Line Clubmobile

Florence Gertrude "Choo Choo" Swanson, Group G Clubmobiler.

Virginia Roberts Gossett. September 21, 1916 - April 21, 1985. Group A

Ruth Gray. Group C Clubmobiler. Clubmobile "LONE STAR". If I'

Group A, Clubmobile still not identified.

Group E Clubmmobiler.

Group A Clubmobiler.

Eleanor Barc, Group G Clubmobiler.

Louise Chandler Clayton, Group B, assigned to Clubmobile "DANIEL BOONE"

Eliza King, Group B Clubmobiler, in 1945, as she looked when betrothed to

Group A clubmobiler

Geraldine "Jerry" LaVon James MacDonnell 1920 - 2001, Group K Clubmobiler.

Group E Clubmobiler. After VE she went

Group C Clubmobiler

Betty South, Group L Clubmobiler

Myra Flint, Group D Clubmobiler.

Helen Coffin of Providence, Rhode Island- Group B Clubmobiler.

Group A Clubmobiler.

Ink drawing of Clara Noyes in commemoration of her birthday (Oct. 3).

Jeri Jean Ford, Group B. If I am correct she was the woman driving

Group A, Clubmobile "GENERAL GRANT", code A2/1 | American Red Cross Clubmobile Service GMC CCKW 353 | American red cross, …

Margaret Hemingway Harrington 1916 - 2014. Group E. Clubmobile "BAY STATE",

Portia Appleton Miller was a Clubmobiler assigned to Group H, Clubmobile "CEDAR RAPIDS"

Group A Clubmobiler.

Pamela Schweppe, assigned to Group L. Scardale Inquirer 26 April 1946

Yes, not a clubmobiler. Harvey Dow Gibson. He was the creator of the Clubmobiles. His second wife was Helen Cole Whitney Gibson.

Jeri Jean Ford of Long Beach, California. Group B Clubmobiler.

Group K Clubmobiler.

Helen Margaret Huff 1910-1977 Member of the Clubmobile "GENERAL LEE" ...

American Red Cross, Wwii, World War Ii, World War 2, World War Two

Mary Lou Pearce was member of the Clubmobile "CHATTANOOGA", Group H, ...

Mary Louise (Lulu) Weller Chapman was born in She was attached to the Group H, Clubmobile "OAKLAND", code

Group F, Clubmobile the "CHEYENNE", Code F3/

42w 0

Louise Smartt. Group A. 1914 - 1982. Group A, Clubmobile "GENERAL GRANT", code A2/1

Other member of Group F. Later she was

Group B, Clubmobile "SITTING BULL". Also

She was assigned to the Group C

Mary Julia "Judy" Hunter, 1918 -2008. Group C Clubmobiler assigned to

Diana Vaughan Marvin Gibson Member of Clubmobile "DALLAS", Group K. Source:

2y 0

Group B Clubmobiler.

80th Tank Bn. - Hq. and Hq. Company. Unknown woman and unknown

Pat Jennings, Cruz Roja Americana, Camiones Gmc, Joven Para Siempre

Group A Clubmobiler.

Ruth Kniep, Group G Clubmobiler. 33 months of duty, 27 of wich were spent with a Clubmobile unit. | American Red Cross Clubmobile Service GMC CCKW 353 ...

Clubmobiler is still unindentified.

"American Red Cross Clubmobile girls on duty with forward troops here have a little jive session 'front line' style," read the notes on this American Red ...

ARC members

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The Butterfly Balcony: Women In Wartime - ARC Clubmobile American Red Cross, World War

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